Q: When is SFG coming out?

We plan to release an alpha version by September of 2019. But as a small company, any solid deadlines are hard to pinpoint.

Q: How do you plan to pay for SFG's development?

Right now, the money's coming out of our pockets. But we are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the future with help from YOU!

Q: Is SFG going to be free?

Yes, SFG will be a free-to-play game. Theoretically, a player will be able to get every card in the game for free, but it should be possible to purchase cards in the future to collect them faster.

Q: Will trading be in the game?

We are planning on implementing a successful trading system in our game, but we need to take a hard look at how to do this correctly, as not many digital card games have implemented this feature correctly.

Q: What platform will SFG be on?

When the game is available to the public, it will be restricted to PC. However, we don't intend to keep our mobile and Mac users away from the fun for long!

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