About Us


     We are a small group of individuals that have a passion for video games. This passion for playing video games evolved into a newfound drive to create such a game that provides it's players with entertainment never before seen. Our mission statement is to offer a level of entertainment through video games that match our design philosophy. We want to create an experience for casual, expert and veteran gamers that is different and refreshing each time they use a Fyuri Studios project.

  • Community - We want to create a lasting community of players with our games. As developers, we would like to reflect this idea through interactions with our playerbase.

  • Understanding -  There are many instances of players being misunderstood by other cash-grabbing companies who are only in it for the money. We want to create a unique experience in this regard, where there is constant communication with the playerbase to try and come to understandings during times of conflict or struggle.

  • Voices - We want to give a platform to people who have a critical opinion to share on our company. We don’t stand for any sort of defamation or slander, but we believe that it is important to listen to the people who are playing our games. There will be a forum to submit complaints one may have about the games, and there will be a team dedicated to interpreting what the player base has to say about what they believe our game lacks or needs.

  • Attentiveness - As well as giving a voice to our players, paying attention to what people are saying even though they don’t use the created forums is also important. It is easy to want to defend the product that is created, but we will try and set all biases aside and welcome input with open arms.

  • Esports/Competitiveness - There is no doubt that to have a successful and fun gaming/community experience, esports is one of the ways to accomplish that.

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